UPDATE: 193 Inch Buck – Wise County

With every fishing story comes a really big fish, but this story is just the opposite!  We have the big buck, but do not know the whole story.  So, here is what I have heard and I would like the information to go along with the picture.

193 inch deer killed near Bridgeport, Texas in Wise County. That’s it.

Here are the pictures! If anyone has any other information they can give me, I’m sure we would all like to hear it. trey@thehuntinggame.com

photo 1

photo 2

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I received an email from the man who shot the monster Bridgeport, Texas buck and thought I would share it with the rest of you…

Just taking him home...

Just taking him home…

Walter A Sheaffer III, of Keller, TX shot him opening week, Wednesday evening, 40 minutes before dark, chasing 12 doe from a ground blind. It was his first time ever from ground blind. The buck was in the corner of a 350+ acre alfalfa field with no feeder within 800 yards.  He saw him the Sunday night before and couldn’t get a shot because he never stopped charging the does. It was his 2nd buck ever….. and from what he says , “People say I’m ruined!”.  He used an AR-10 and shot him 70 yards right in the heart ran 15 yards and went feet up in the middle of field.

191 6/8 186 net was the buck was officially scored by Jennifer Burroughs, Wise County Biologist, and another Erick Stanoshek.

The game warden said undoubtedly, its the only deer to qualify for Boone and Crockett award (harvested in Wise County) for being over 185 non typical (186 net score mine 191 6/8 total) 195 all time. And big game awards, but not the only buck in Wise County to qualify for that.

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  • Brandon Bates

    Does anyone know where this is because I live In Boyd right next to Bridgeport and haven’t heard anything about this buck!

    • Sheaff

      Opening week Nov 6, 40 minutes before dark this buck walked in from downwind into 12 doe, ran straight tomy buck bomb dominant buck scent, stopped then I made him drop.

  • Sheaff

    I shot this deer within a mile of Bridgeport.