2015 Wise County Hog Contest – Day 18

Ranks as of Friday, February 20, 2015:


364 Body Cole

Brother In Laws – Jacob Maxon & Bodie Cole – 364 lbs.


304 Sandfords

Circle S Brand – Jack & Ben Sandford – 304 lb. BEAST!


263 Lon Ellis

Ellis & Johnson – Lon Ellis & Fred Johnson – 263 lbs.



3 1l2 Justin Read

Shack County Killers – Justin Read & Wade Montgomery – 3 1/2


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  • Billybarr

    Does that first place pig have nuts. Is there any way we could see the nuts on that hoss. By the picture it looks like a cut pig. Im sure everyone would like some closure.

  • Swinin’ & Dinin’

    Im with Billybarr on this one. That picture sure don’t look like theres nuts on that bad boy. Any proof would be nice?

  • The Hunting Game

    1. It has nuts
    2. I saw them myself, as well as the other event operator.
    3. The contestants know that a barrowed hog is not allowed, so why bring one in?
    4. And for all the haters… Polygraphs will be given!
    5. But just to make you feel better, I’ll see what I can do to get a better nut shot just for all you perverted haters.

  • Hill country long beard

    I am not a perverted hater but if there is any question that the hog did not have nuts I think the extra pictures would be a good idea due to the fact that this contest has a weigh in that not all contestants are present for. Any luck on getting the pics

  • Tallywhacker

    Probably not a bad idea to have proof that the hog has nuts. Looks like a different hog than the other two. Lot fatter for sure. There is a lot of money on the line for these guys and some assurance would be nice, regardless of the weight of the pig

  • klaykountykiller

    Perverted haters? How about let’s not give 50% of the pot to some guys that shot a ridiculously huge hog for the area without proving to everybody that the pig has balls. Looks questionable in this picture. And it looks like this is the biggest hog that has been killed,by far, in this competition besides the barrowed pig that was shot a few years back

  • Swinin’ & Dinin’

    Any luck on them pictures yet?