2015 Wise County Hog Contest – Day 28

Ranks as of Monday, March 2, 2015:


364 Body Cole

Brother In Laws – Jacob Maxon & Bodie Cole – 364 lbs.


304 Sandfords

Circle S Brand – Jack & Ben Sandford – 304 lb. BEAST!


269 Cody South

Stinky Bastards – Cody South & Amon Cox – 269 lbs.



3 1l2 Justin Read

Shack County Killers – Justin Read & Wade Montgomery – 3 1/2

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  • Swine Slayers

    I might be the only one that thinks this is weird but you can see the testicles on that 270 pound pig easily but I don’t see any on the 1st place (which shouldn’t be there) and the pictures are at the same angle. I hate to bring this up because it’s a contest that everyone enjoys and does to have fun, but if it says NO barred pigs in the rules then that 1st place pig should not be there. Putting the polygraph questions (Yes, that means asking if the pig really had nuts) and answers on the website would sure put everyone’s mind to ease.

  • AEC

    The hell with longest cutter how about biggest nuts 3rd place wins!!!!

  • http://www.thehuntinggame.com/ Billy

    Polygraph will be performed and emailed out to everyone in the contest who gave us their email.

  • AEC

    why does the hair look so different on the first place hog just curious looks like it has a perm and the color is different also its not black,tan,red,black and tan or light grey and not a very long snout and has a 55 gal drum barrel look to it just wondering thanks guys