Gun/Archery Hunt Only

$200 Entry – Includes 3 Pots

Biggest Hog          –          Longest Cutter        –       3 Hog Stringer


HOG DOG CATEGORY – Suspending this category for this year.

RIFLE CATEGORY – When you check RIFLE/GUN, this will be your only method of hunting for this competition and will only compete against others in this category for the Pots.


BIGGEST HOG – This can be a Boar or Sow, but the Boar must have nuts!

3 HOG STRINGER – The total weight of your 3 heaviest hogs!

LONGEST CUTTER – The cutter measurement is taken from the bottom jaw only.  Both lengths of the bottom tusks will be combined for one score.  The measurement is taken from the base of the tusk (gum line) to the tips. (ex:  Right tusk 2 5/8  Left Tusk 3 1/8  = Total Score – 5 6/8)

Trophies will be given for each pot in each category as well as $$$!


  1. The contest is open to the entire State of Texas and hunting hogs only in Texas.
  2. Must be signed up by April 21st at 9pm at noon!!!
  3. You can win all 3 pots – Pays 25% of total entry for each pot! Other 25% goes to trophies, prizes, and fees!
  4. 4 Man Team Maximum – No Trapping! Must be hunted from the ground in regulation with TPWD.
  5. Teams may split up 2-2, but no more than that. So, NO hunting with other teams!
  6. No pooling of hogs! Your team must kill their own hogs, no one else!
  7. If you wish to video your hunts, you may do so and give proof of the kill in order to qualify for no polygraph.
  8. The Contest starts Saturday, April 22, 2017 at daylight – NO EARLY STARTS!
  9. Weigh-In is at Bono’s Chophouse & Saloon, 2025 US 287, Decatur, Texas 76234. You can weigh your hogs between 12PM and 3PM, Sunday, April 23, 2017 (3 hours time slot). And yes it’s more of a 32 hour hunting contest. Just have to be at the weigh in between those times!
  10. For the purpose of this hunt, hogs are defined to be feral, free ranging, wild hogs which have not been previously held, trapped, pen raised, and released for the purpose of being hunted in this contest and must not have been hunted from a hog proof fence. They must have the characteristics of a wild hog.
  11. All Hogs Must Be DEAD in ordered to be weighed or measured!
  12. Teams may be split up into 2 groups, but no more than that.
  13. NO Barrowed Hogs. This was a hard decision, but we put this in effect to keep the risk of cheating lower.
  14. Any contestant found to be cheating or attempting to cheat will cause the disqualification to that contestant and forfeiture of any and all entry fees. Cheating will also cause that contestant to be banned from all future events and names will be given to all other competitions in the Great State of Texas.
  15. In the event of a tie, the hog who was weighed/measured first will be declared the winner.
  16. You are responsible for the disposal of all wild hogs after they are weighed, unless other disposal means are available at the weigh-in.
  17. All Federal and State Game Laws must be followed.
  18. All winning contestants will be subject to a random polygraph test. Refusal of polygraph or failure to show up will result in immediate disqualification. No Exceptions!
  19. Judges will have final decision in all disputes.
  20. All results and more information will be available at TheHuntingGame.com



If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this contest, please download the forms and mail them or contact Trey at 940-389-4911

All sponsors will be able to also set up a booth at the Weigh-In if they request. We are expecting quite the crowd at Bono’s Chophouse and Saloon for this event. Thank you for your consideration!
















If you would still like to sign up before the contest please call 940-389-4911 and there will be a $25 late fee. Thank you!