Bad Taxidermy and Awesome Videos!


For those of you with a bad taxidermy fetish and have a Twitter account, follow @CrapTaxidermy! Some of the stuff they post will haunt me forever…

For Example:

Lt. Dan

“Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs!”


And how would you like to be this guy? Asleep on the couch when a black bear breaks in…


And Another:

"Your face when somebody's telling you a story and you know they're lying.... "

“Your face when somebody’s telling you a story and you know they’re lying…. “


Via “We’ve heard of using trail cameras to catch trespassers “in the act,” but we’ve never seen anything quite like this YouTube® video. We’re not sure where the truth lies in this matter, but if this deer hunter really was trespassing on the land, he sure got more than he bargained for.”

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