Black Panther Spotted in Clay County

Of course we never really know how much truth there is to this, but it is still interesting and I am happy to say I hunt in Clay County. Any more info on this pic would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: This is not Clay County, Texas… This is Clay County, Alabama! Yep, my bad!

Black Panther

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  • Rick

    Looks more like a black jaguar to me

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  • Arclight

    sho nuff…

  • mcdonald12212

    true they do exist in bama

  • bob

    That same picture was used to report a sighting near Ava, MO

  • marscso

    That’s a jaguar.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Sorry folks but this is a hoax… I’ve found this EXACT photo but the three posters claimed it was from Kentucky North Carolina & South Carolina. Ok adding Alabama.. and Missouri.

  • Apache John

    And Florida as well