Coming Soon… “Shots of the Week!”

Pizza Box Target

  • If you go to this website, you will want to buy something. – when I build a house, I will probably call them before I even get my house plans.
  • This is still on the ol’ bucket list, as long as we don’t get over 50 ft and I can wear a parachute!
  • I have a lab (dog), a kennel, and a bed cover… not a good mix! I recently found this kennel and am thinking about getting one so I can close my bed cover. Only problem I can find with it is I might forget he’s back there!Switchback Dog Kennell
  • More of a reason why I do not like to swim in the ocean! It reminds me of the spider looking parasite off the movie Aliens.
  • If you hunt, you will want this app! It will put icons where your feeders, deerstands, treestands, and other things on your lease are located.  It can calculate distances for you and help you with the wind direction. HuntStand Lite – highly recommended
  • It is also time to start up “Shots of the Week”, so start emailing me your pictures of your harvested animals when you get to it.
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