Disappointment & Waterfowl!


Goose duck hunt


  • It doesn’t bother me or my kids to see a dead deer hanging on a car.  If anything we are trying to see if it’s a buck, doe, and how many points it has… I guess some people think it’s not good for the kids.
  • Saw the buck I have been after all year at about 12 yards, but needed him to take one more step… he didn’t!  That can suck the life out of you and wear you out, especially if you have already drawn back on your bow!
  • Had a professional photographer come out with us yesterday morning in Oklahoma for a duck hunt.  He is making a documentary on all the different types of Texas hunting.  He is from Holland and he made a lasting impression on some small town Oklahoma folks we ended up having coffee with while we waited for another person to show.
  • Here is his website.  He has already done a documentary on some of the different pets in Holland (sounds strange, but is fascinating). And Yes, the animals are alive that are in the pictures.
  • Nothing like having a pet deer, then getting your eye gouged from it, then getting a ticket for having a pet deer or 7.
  • I know what catch and release is when it comes to fishing, but not for goose hunting!  He’s quick like a ninja!
  • I have no buck on game camera and am very disappointed.  I feel like everyone around me has killed all of them and I am left being a solid bow hunter with no buck to shoot :(
  • Here is an old story, but it still gives me the chills!  Coyotes are bad, I don’t care what PETA says!
  • Show support for Melissa Bachman and her awesome lion kill… she is catching a lot of negative feed from people out there.
  • Today is the last day of Cabelas Waterfowl Sale!
  • I would not steer you wrong here!  These are the best waders you can buy!  And if they ever leak, you can return them for another pair no questions asked!
  • We have had some of the best guided hunts so far at DTK here in North Texas.  I haven’t had this much fun guiding…EVER!  And a quick note to all you who do get guided hunts for deer, duck, geese, hogs, turkey, or whatever… ALWAYS TIP YOUR GUIDE!  Some people don’t know any better, but the guide is working for you and they almost always work hard and a tip is a great way to show your appreciation.
  • I got some of my deer back from C-N Custom Deer Processing in Decatur just the other day and decided to cook some of the backstrap that Chet at C-N marinated for me.  It was unreal!  My kids and wife tore into it leaving me with only a little bit, but was just thankful for my portion.
  • Our kids don’t know it, but we haven’t bought beef in a long time and they eat the deer just the same!
  • Please leave some comments when you can and let me know what you think.  And for those of you that have I do appreciate it… it keeps me motivated!
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