Double Bearded Thunder Chicken

These guys are in a big lead….
1st Place
Gobbler Hobblers
Mark Anderson & Bo Finley
Spur #1 – 14/16        Spur #2 – 15/16
Beard #1 – 10.00         Beard #2 – 6.13
TOTAL – 17.95
Harvested by Bo Finley

I also had another turkey brought in Friday evening from team No Name (I had to name them that because they wouldn’t give me a team name… it works and probably should be claimed by them in all future contests) and this gobbler had one of the longest spurs I had seen this year. One was pretty sharp, it got me, billy…
No Name
Phillip Daugherty & Joseph Krebbs
Spur #1 – 1.00    Spur #2 – 1 2/16
Beard – 9.75
TOTAL – 11.88
Harvested by Phillip Daugherty

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