Dove Season Sales & Lebron (Big 6)

  • Since it was Shark Week last week I thought I would post about this Tiger Shark caught out from Port Aransas.  Took them 8 hours to reel him in and took them on a 15 mile journey through the sea.
  • I have to say I’m kind of sad! I lost one of my leases this last weekend that I had been working really hard to try and get going. Had an awesome duck pond on it and all… sad day!
  • Luckily, I got a new lease just down the road in Jack County and have already got some nice deer showing up.  There is a nice 6 point (Yes, a 6 point) that I named Lebron. He’s a beast.


    My big 6 that I will not hesitate to stick an arrow with!

  • Ear plugs or rubber bullets? You decide… LMAO!
  • I am also sad to say that I didn’t make it to Texas Trophy Hunter’s Hunters Extravaganza this weekend in Fort Worth, but at least Tres Poynor (the other THG man behind the scenes) made it and gave a good showing of our awesome gear!
  • I’m thinking of trying out some new cover scents and attractants. These guys at Boar Down Decoy Company already came up with an awesome hog decoy that I’ve seen work, so I’m thinking of giving their new cover scents a try…
  • You even tried to hang a tree stand from a 4 ft. thick pecan tree? It is not easy! Make sure you take at least 12 ft. ratchet straps to tie you ladder down with. I almost didn’t make it!
  • Dove season is just around the corner and Academy has their Mojo Dove Decoys on sale! They were $39.99
  • Of course Cabelas is having the same deal with some other things on sale, too.
  • Hope you got your hunting license already so you don’t have to wait in line for hours!
  • Told ya he was a big 6!
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