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Thread: Droptine Buck

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    Droptine Buck

    Here are some pics of my dad's buck he got this weekend when he was still in velvet and then after he was harvested. We knew this buck was in the area bc we saw him the very last weekend last season (minus the drop) and then got a few pics of him before the season on a game cam sporting his new and improved head gear! Nothing went right the entire trip but we ended up with the buck we were after so I guess everything went right! I'm gonna get with my dad and do a write-up as soon as I get a chance for the website but the moral will be when everything is going wrong you still gotta get your ass in the stand bc you never know! Enjoy, I know I have!! Club Buck copy.jpgDad buck copy.jpgDad buck 2 Copy.jpgdad buck 3 copy.jpgRage.jpg

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    I can't figure how to get those two middle pics upright?? They are saved and uploaded upright but then end up on their sides... Any help?

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    I just can't get over that deer! That drop is unreal too! What broadhead did he use? You said you guys had a tuff time, I can't wait to hear the story. I can tell by your dads expression he is either worn out or maybe been put through the ringer. Or he could just be that hard...! IDK?:

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    Yea me either! Typical weekend for us... truck wasn't ready when it was supposed to be or even close to being 100%, almost took out a gas station awning, had a brake failure in the top drive twice that nearly killed us, dumped a full cooler on a hill on the way to the stand, stand was in the wrong place and blown to hell, and had a front blow in and change the wind for the worst right before the hunt... He is shooting the Rage 3-Blade Chisel tip and man it did MAJOR damage, buck didn't go 40 yards... Nah he was super stoked and ready for a crown & coke by then, he just refuses to smile in pics lol.

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    That is an awesome buck. Buck of a lifetime!!!!

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    GREAT deer! Way to go!

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    Freaking awesome

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    Thats a STOMPER of a buck, congrats to your dad!!! Getting it done with stick an string!!!!


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