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    Spypoint at Cabelas

    Noticed in the flyer I received that they have the Spypoint on sale for $127 or something like that. I really like mine. If you need a camera you might try it out. Especially at that price.

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    Awesome. I have been wondering about them

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    I had the IR 7 on sale for 135 plus tax and shipping. I believe the ad was for 149.00 Holler if you need anything betcha I can beat most prices..


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    Flame, Do you carry the the IR 8 or the IR 10s also?

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    I can get the Spypoint Tiny-W3HD 10mp Digital ,Spypoint HD-7 7mp Infrared , Spypoint Tiny-HD 8mp Digital Infrared , Spypoint BF-8 8mp Digital Black LED , Spypoint BF-10 HD 10mp Digital Black LED , Spypoint Live-3G 8mp Infrared Digital . These are just the Spypoints. A few more less quality spy point. The IR 8 is not listed on my supplier sight. I will have to contact them . Usually they can get me a price.

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    Ok thanks thats great so you prettty much carry the whole line. I need a couple of cameras ill give you a call when i get ready for them thanks.

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    No prob. I have to order what you want. So give me 4 weekdays when ready,,


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