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    Shot-out barrels?

    Anybody know how many rounds a barrel can handle before accuracy starts to suffer? I have a semi-auto .22 and bolt-action .22 I put A LOT(8,000+) of rounds thru last year, and the semi-auto is starting to shoot a little wild. It used to shoot 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards all day long but it's gradually getting worse(now at 2"), and I've always been pretty ocd about cleaning. Any thoughts? What about high-powered(.30-06, .308, .270, etc)?

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    It really varies from gun to gun. Your bigger Magnum calibers you may start notice a change at 1200- 1500 rounds and small to mid range rifles 2000 or so. But like I said it will vary from gun to gun one way or the other. Also you can take your gun to a gunsmith and have him check the head spacing and he can tell you if your within the tollerances or if you need to change out barrels. But 8000+ is a ton of rounds even through a 22 sounds like the barrel is headed south. Might not clean it and shoot it fouled for a while. Some guns like to be dirty, can also help guns with a lot of rounds through them.

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    Great info, thanks Taylor!


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