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Thread: The right buck!

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    The right buck!

    Tell me what makes a buck worth mounting? Score? Mass? Character? Double throat patch?

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    I just have to like it. I made a requirement years ago for myself it would have to be 140 or bigger to spend the money. However I have one being completed right now that doesn't meet my own requirement. It is close but I just like the deer and the story that goes with it. Every time I look at it I am going to remember what took place in order to knock that buck down.

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    That's a great answer. My first buck was just a little six pointer but I had it mounted for two reasons. One - because it was my first antlered buck and two - because I killed it with my father in laws 30/06 right after he passed away from cancer. Memories are what make our trophies great!

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    Speaking of trophy Johnny.. I need to bring you my Javelina and check on my velvet muley.

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    Sounds great Tres. It won't be too much longer on the Muley!


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