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    Wise County Big Buck Contest

    Sign Up Here

    The Hunting Game's 1st Annual Big Buck Competition

    *Limited to Wise County, Texas Hunting Only
    *Contest is held during the General Season Only - No Bow Season this year.
    *Non-resident Wise County Hunters can enter as long as they are hunting in Wise County!

    1st Place - 50% of entry fees
    Shoulder Mount donated by
    Rut Country Taxidermy
    Boyd, Texas

    2nd Place - 30% of entry fees
    Free Standard Processing donated by
    C-N Custom Processing
    Decatur, Texas

    3rd Place - 10% of entry fees
    5 Gallon Bucket of Buck Butter donated by
    Brad Thompson with Big Game Butter
    Alvord, Texas

    Sign Up below, or call us and drop off your entry fee.

    $60 per entry (includes online sign up fee of $10)
    You can also mail in your entry with the form below with $50 or deliver in person. E-mail us for mailing address.
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    1. All contestants must enter the Wise County Big Buck Contest before opening day of the General Deer Season according to Texas Parks & Wildlife. A person will be considered entered when the fee of $50.00 is paid, and the date and time are recorded. There is a $10 online sign up fee.

    2. Contestants entering other contestants must provide all the proper information that the contest requests in order for those people to be entered. In case of a tie the earliest paid entry will be deemed the winner.

    3. A contestant must have a valid Texas hunting license, and is required by the contest director to show proof of the license when an animal is brought in for scoring. All animals must be harvested in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Failure to abide by the rules will be grounds for disqualification from the contest.

    4. All animals must be scored by the official WCBBC Scorer. Official scorers are only to be chosen by the contest director. All animals are to be scored at Rut Country Taxidermy in Boyd, Texas by appointment.
    * If your appointment is made for scoring another day then your harvested deer can be taken after the kill to one of The Hunting Game's officials (listed below), so a picture of the buck with tag can be recorded so the buck can be processed as soon as possible, and then can be measured at a later date.

    5. All contestants must enter their own kill and the antlers must be attached to the body of a freshly killed whitetail deer or attached to sufficient portion of the head, neck, and cape of a freshly killed whitetail deer. No deer will be eligible for the contest if brought in with just the skull and antlers. All animals must be brought in by the hunter that harvested the animal; if the hunter is not with the animal it will not be allowed in the contest. All animals must be tagged when brought to the contest. (No Exceptions)

    6. All animals to be entered into the WCBBC Big Buck Contest must be legally taken in Wise County in the State of Texas. No animals that are brought into the state, regardless of age or sex will be allowed into the contest. Failure to abide by these rules will be grounds for disqualification.
    7. Animals that are brought in Velvet to the contest are subject to a 3% deduction in order to be eligible to be entered into the contest.

    8. The first place winner may be asked to submit a polygraph test to verify their harvest. The director will choose the time and place of the test.

    9. All animals must be brought in to the contest within 48 hours after the end of the regular hunting season to be able to win.

    10. Animals that are considered “Tame”, “Domesticated” or “Pet” are not allowed in the contest. All animals that were ever kept inside a pen for breeding purposes or any other reason are considered tame and will not be allowed in the contest. The official scorer will check the animal for any type of markings. If these types of markings are found the animal will not be allowed in the contest. If the contest director finds that the animal is not free ranging, he has the right to hold the animal out of the contest until an intense investigation is done. If the director finds that the animal was not free-ranging the animal and the hunter be will disqualified from the contest. The exception to this rule shall be native, wild, free-ranging deer that have been identified by an ear tag for a legitimate study of free-ranging deer. The director must be shown proof of the study by forms and legal documents. Failure to provide this type of information will result in disqualification from the contest.

    11. If any piece of land that you are hunting lies within the boundaries of Wise County and a surrounding county, you are allowed to hunt on the other county side as long as the land is combined. No crossing over county roads to hunt the same piece of property in a different county.

    12. When an animal comes in to be scored all information provided by the hunter must be correct. It is the hunter’s choice to decide if they want the ranch name to be posted. The ranch name must be provided to the contest for their use only. If the information provided is not correct, that will be grounds for disqualification.

    13. The contest director has the right at any time during the contest to re-measure any animal and reverse the winner of the category.

    14. When bringing an animal in to be scored or weighed, the hunter must call ahead to notify the contest so the official scorer will be present.

    15. All Entries will be scored using SCI Typical method.

    16. By signing up for this contest you agree to have your picture taken with your animal to be used in any way The Hunting Game deems necessary for promotion.

    17. Deer that have hair slip or have started to decompose WILL NOT be measured!

    For Official Scoring
    Johnny Terrell
    (405) 255-8417
    *If you cannot get the deer scored in a timely manner,
    Call the following to have a picture taken with tag for later scoring.
    Trey Hawkins
    (940) 389-4911
    Tres Poynor
    (817) 805-0218

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    How many people have signed up for this

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    Not enough, but I bet entries will sky rocket by Friday. I made it where people can also sign up during the contest, but cannot have a buck harvested for scoring for 3 days after signing up.


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