Guess The Score, Win a Cabelas Gift Card!

Taite Read of Bridgeport, Texas harvested this nice monster buck over the weekend. In honor of her beast of a kill, let us have some fun!

If you can guess the score in the comment section below, you will win a $50 Cabelas Gift card! 

*One guess per person – Contest lasts one week then closest to score wins!

EDIT: DEER SCORED 183 4/8 – Winner is Robert Mote! Send me an email with your address please sir!

Taite Read 1

Before the harvest pic!

Taite Read 2

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  • Robert Mote

    My guess is 185

  • Kchappy


  • Amber Maxwell

    My guess 200

  • The Hunting Game

    I’m going to say 188 – And I have no idea till they tell me, but I’m not in it for the card, just guessing for fun!

  • Scott Hager

    Guess is 210

  • Lyndon Harvey


  • JBridges

    176 1/8

  • Rickey Bowling


  • Creed Killer


  • Dtine

    189 1/8

  • Pop Tong

    184 1/2