Happy Endings and Stories

  • I wonder if this lady had ever heard of the Flashbang bra holster? She probably wasn’t walking to easy with her other stashing place
  • And since this website is a Texas Website, here are your 10 Best Swimming Holes in Texas.
  • Just because you are on the water doesn’t mean the rules are any different.  Be careful this summer people!
  • If you like happy endings and armed citizens, then this story is for you. (And it has video!)
  • I have been able to take a jake this year with a bow, but I don’t think the odds are with me like they are this guys from North Richland Hills that bagged 2 Toms with his bow back to back in the same setting.
  • Here is an awesome article about the history of the Wild Hog in North America! And the photo below is going to help you with your shot placement… write that down! Your going to need it for the NTX Wild Hog Round Up & Hunting Expo.


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