How About Some Hunting News…

Tres Poynor with THG and his self filmed Hog Hunt

  • I don’t even know where to begin… a guy aims for a moose, hits a man on the toilet!
  • Town turns to bow hunting to help eliminate some of the deer population.
  • Vegan vs. Meat Eater – Probably one of the best explanations given as to “why” hunters eat animals and the benefits from it.
  • The Dallas Safari Club Will Save the Endangered Black Rhino by Auctioning Off the Chance to Shoot One
  • Some people are just idiots and do not realize that a buck can tear you up… these guys got off with a close call and a stroke of luck!
  • Again, if you are hunting in Wise County, the Big Buck Competition starts up on Saturday.
  • Texas judges don’t mess around when it comes to poaching deer, even if it isn’t taking place in the Great State of Texas. Possibly the largest poaching operation in Kansas’s State History.
  • With rifle season for deer starting the Saturday, Sports Day DFW listed some pretty good things to remember for the upcoming season as well as some statistics you might be interested in reading.
  • And DUCK SEASON is about to commence!!!
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