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  • Toxic Broadhead

    Toxic Broadhead

    Tres sent me this website: Texas Blood Trackers – These guys offer assistance to those trying to track down wounded game.  There is a list of them from all over the state and it may come in handy if you take down the big guy but lose his trail.

  • And of course they found zebra mussels in Lake Benton and are expected to be in Lake Worth and Joe Pool.
  • Not only is it bow season for deer hunting in the North Zone of Texas, but it is also Turkey Season (bow only).
  • In case you didn’t have the link for the season dates – Texas Parks and Wildlife has them listed here by animal.
  • Is there any fool proof way to be scent free?  I didn’t think so…
  • Since we have become field staff for Flying Arrow Archery and their Toxic Broadheads, we are slaving to get a video of a buck down while using them.
  • Oh, we have a Facebook Page, too!  Check us out on there, we will be giving away some things soon!
  • I’ve got a buddy whose family splits up the acreage and leases it out.  Well, one of the guys who leases it let his brother-in-law sit in a stand to hunt hogs and turkey… but, instead took down a 149 inch 9 point.  The one dear on the Do Not Hit List! OUCH!
  • Hope the Wise County folk start signing up for the Big Buck Competition soon, so far we have 5 entries.  Everyone is last minute these days. Next year we will have it during bow season.
  • We need to bring these awards to Texas!  Dumbest Poacher Awards by Petersens Hunting.  If only I could get a local game warden to open up to me and give me some stories.
  • And North American Whitetail has posted the Biggest Threats to our Whitetail Deer Population for 2013 and we are not the biggest threat…
  • Coyotes are a problem, especially when they take down a healthy 6 point. Video Here.
  • We now have our own T-Shirt line.  They feel like Under Armour and are very comfy. Visit our Shop for more info. Picture below

T-Shirt Design 2

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