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  • Field & Stream’s 50 best game cam photos from this past Spring and Summer.
  • Elk gets “put down” because it chases motorcycles.
  • I want to go elk hunting in the mountains, but am also worried I might have to ride a horse while I’m being guided because I am scared of horses.  This NFL player has slowly started overcoming his fear of them.  Good for him…
  • I’ve started a Beards for Conservation Page to help support Ducks Unlimited Conservation Program.  Go give me a vote…
  • A fox living at the White House and no one can catch it because of the government shut down… old story, but foxes have been making quite the comeback lately.  First Texas Tech now this!
  • The above .gif file is from the doe I harvested last Friday (Just a sneak peak!).  And if you are wondering how I filmed and shot at the same time, you might think about getting one of these.
  • Jeff Foxworthy once said, “If you’re more worried about your deer heads being stolen than your credit cards…you might be a redneck.” Well, it is happening! Thieves are now targeting our taxidermy
  • I want this Old Timer Duck Call!  I own some of their turkey calls, but not any duck calls.
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