Idaho Wolf Pack

Check out the size of these wolves. Idaho has a huge wolf problem thanks to the animal do-gooders that don’t understand what their actions will cause problems in the future. Scroll all the way down:

This is a picture of a pack of 25 wolves taken in the Weippe area in Idaho. Each one of these eats 24 Elk per year. This group alone will consume 600 Elk this year. That doesnt even factor in the sport kills.

The Canadian Gray Wolf runs in packs of up to twenty wolves. For every one animal they kill to eat, these Canadian wolves kill about three more just for the fun of it. The biologists call it “sport-reflex killing” or “lustful killing”. The Canadian Gray Wolf is a killing machine. These are federal wolves, as it was the federal government who introduced them into Idaho over our objections. They told the State of Idaho that the wolves would be considered recovered when they had a total of 100 wolves in Idaho .
Now they have between 800 and 2,000 wolves and the situation is out of control. Idaho ‘s wolf emergency is a state issue. And in this situation, the State of Idaho has both a duty and the authority to protect its people and their property. House Bill 343 lays out the facts, the argument and the authority to do so. – Idaho Rep Phil Hart. Can you imagine gun control out there.
This is not a good place to let the cat out. Make sure you are packing protection when you go for a walk in the mountains. You never know when a wolf pack might surround you! Remember Uncle-Governor Andy Cuomo only wants you to have 7 rounds in you gun and no more than 2 magazines, too. If you are a GREAT shot, that still leaves 6 to 11 wolves to chew on your butt. Enjoy your stay.
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  • bmrtoyo

    smoke a pack a day

  • Bryana Combs

    Sickening. Grey Wolves are a nearly extinct species, and never kill “for sport.” These are animals, not humans. How about we talk about how many animals we kill for sport, or how bad overpopulation gets without natural predators? Once upon a time, wolves did live in Idaho. This is absolutely disgusting.

    • Don Boyles

      Bryana Combs…where do you live?

  • Monte Christo

    Sorry, but you are totally wrong, pal. Wolves do NOT, kill for the ‘fun’ of it. Who are you trying to convince, yourself, or those ‘do gooders’ who actually KNOW what they’re talking about!! I lived for 24 years in Montana, and buddy, you’re evidently living in your own world, and have no clue what wolves really do. I would strongly advise you to move back to the city where you came from and then you might take care of some of the excess population there, instead of something that actually does do something worthwhile, and is actually needed in this ecosystem.