Horse Shoe

Good luck to everyone in Texas who is getting started for the opening day of Rifle Season and Waterfowl Season and especially to those entered into the Wise County Big Buck Contest! It is going to be slow posting here till Monday, so take your pictures and grab you thoughts and send them to me. I leave you for the weekend with this:

Deer hunting time is here again
And many hunters take to the woods
After months of planning with family and friends
They gather in common brotherhood

It’s a freedom that fills the soul of a man
With the peace of God’s nature all around
Lessons that have been taught since time began
And lifelong memories and friendships are found

Hunting is taught by tradition still yet
Knowledge passed on from man to man
And you’ll learn things that you’ll never forget
And respect nature more, our wildlife, and our land

So all you hunters enjoy this time
May you be skilled and have lots of luck
May God bless you as you hunt today
And may you bag that ten point buck!! 

By Kathleen West

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The Hunting Game is an outdoor news source for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in Texas and around the world.