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Geese Flying FINAL

  • If you have a hunting dog, then you have had a flea problem!  I saw this in a magazine and it looked like a very neat product to try out. Flea Bacon!
  • For those of you that have a lot of European Mounts I may have found a product just for you!  I’m actually buying one of these skull hookers as we speak!
  • Does anyone even read these links or click on them?  I’m thinking about changing this up and maybe quitting posting the links.  No one ever lets me know if they like them… comment if you like them, let me know!
  • Good for the huntresses!  I’m glad that we have more women hunting these days, up 25% since 2006.
  • I guided a couple of hunts this past weekend and was really impressed with a couple things:

1) My mojo pick stick worked great, and the kids loved picking up the hulls, so I didn’t have to and it sped up the cleaning process after the hunt.
2) My dog, Echo! He is just a beast… nuff said.
3) A couple of more people signed up for the Big Buck Competition and actually had our first deer scored, but I can’t tell you what is in the lead till the season is over :(
4) Waves of migrators were making there way here. I saw thousands of ducks this weekend!

  • Using modern technology to help curb the hog problem.  You can see a picture of the trap on your iPhone to know if there are hogs in the trap and just a quick push of a button on the iPhone and the trap is set!
  • Here’s a coupon if anyone is interested in one of the Beardo Hats  (beanie with a built in beard). Redeem the 10% off coupon here.  Great gifts for Christmas and they usually get sold out by Thanksgiving.
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