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Bobcat and Deer

I don’t think I would eat from below either…

  • Some people are tough, but they are not near as tough as this old man!  Wrestle a bear, fall off a cliff, and survive!  They may make the man into some sort of super hero in Hollywood!
  • This has to be one of the funniest and most ironic things I have ever seen!  I’m surprised the guy filming did burst out into full-blown LMBO mode like I would have.  Poor bunny was restored to health and then flew away… proof that bunnies can fly. There was an older video of a hamster that could fly —> Found it!
  • Big Foot hunt gone wrong on so many ways!  All the Big Foot is doing is causing problems… he needs to chill out and quit giving people excuses.
  • The Big Time Texas Hunt Winners were announced and I did not win!  Check them out, you may know some of the winners, most are from Texas.
  • Here is the full video and story of the guy in Oklahoma that was almost stabbed by a rutting buck in Oklahoma while taking a picture with his camera phone.  Turns out they just unhooked the buck from being locked with another that died while fighting.
  • And since it is duck season, here is some video of how to clean a duck… just in case you didn’t know how.  (I have a lot of guys ask me, when I am guiding them on a duck hunt, how to clean one)
  • If you haven’t liked our Facebook Page, we are doing a giveaway of some Toxic Broadheads.  Feel free to check us out there and give us a like!
  • I got this story from another blog… Dog saves camper from bear. Camper then eats dog to survive!
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