Midweek Round Up THG

  • Deer fakes death!  *Language Warning* and  *Laughter Warning* – I believe I just witnessed a miracle and a kids crapping his pants!
  • Hunting FAIL! You kind of expect where this video is going…
  • I am really wishing I had a lease closer to home.  It really stinks to not be able to find a place to bow hunt, but I have till next year to keep looking.  Maybe something will pop up!
  • Would you believe someone has already signed up for the hog contest, and we haven’t even set the dates yet… confidence at its best.
  • There are smart people and there are dumb people.  PETA activists at a big biker rally protesting the wear of leather = EXTREMELY DUMB!
  • Not only is it rare to shoot an 8 point deer that is actually a doe, but it is also rare for me to see anyone shoot an 8 point as small as this one!
  • So, I’m guiding duck hunts these days and am having a blast, but I’m having issues on one tank!  Now maybe y’all can help with some insight… We had at least 3 gadwall (duck) on a tank, but could only recover 1.  This is a 30 acre lake and I saw right where they were headed, but only 1 was recovered after searching the entire bank and this isn’t the first time this has happened to me!
  • Question: Could it be turtles, catfish, alligator gar, or some kind of water creature taking my ducks away?  Any answer is welcomed!
  • I also hooked up the GoPro to a duck decoy and got some pretty good footage of some ducks coming in.  I’m always excited about new video, especially when it is duck hunting video!
  • In case you didn’t know, there is now a Gander Mountain in Lewisville. Now we just need a Macks Prairie Wings to come to North Texas and we will be set!

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