Monday! News!

  • If I were to ever be a pilot, this would be the only vehicle I think I would want to fly… then go off roading a bit after.
  • For those of you that are Willie Nelson fans (he did endorse Wendy Davis, just FYI), he just received his 5th Degree Black belt that he had been working on getting for 20 years.
  • Our cover photo today is of our new hats we started selling… Feel free to check them out in our SHOP.
  • I posted a link a couple of weeks ago about how Pope & Young was not for High Fence raised animals and how they would not acknowledge a high fenced animal towards their scoring. Well, guess who stepped in to and gave their 2 cents… Uncle Ted! 
  • I didn’t know that P&Y wouldn’t even acknowledge you if you used a lighted nock.
  • I had no idea Cabela’s of Fort Worth just went through a grand re-opening/re-model. I can’t wait to go check it out…actually I just can’t wait to go, re-model or not.
  • Possible Mexican Army take over in Arizona... or at least they have been crossing it illegally and no one seems to care. If I lived in Arizona (or anywhere else in the USA) I would be very upset and want to know why nothing is being done… lets just keep hunting to lower our blood pressure.
  • A Clear Lake, Texas neighborhood had a 9 ft. visitor that didn’t make it out alive.
  • And this bear is going to be having a much better Monday than the rest of us…

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