Montana Rattlesnake Den

Not everything is bigger in Texas.  This rattlesnake den in Montana can prove that statement real quick and with me being a Texan, I’m glad to let them have the “bigger” den in this category.  I’m sure there are bigger dens in Texas somewhere, but so far, Montana has the video on YouTube to prove they are #1.

“The den is only about 1/2 mile from our house, and we just came across it one time. The best times to find them at the den are in the spring when they’re coming out and in the fall when they’re going back in. During other times of the year you usually won’t see anything there. Then den is right next to a tall creek bank, I think they use the cracks and holes from erosion as their den. “

The man who shot the video, Michael Delaney, even answered a couple of questions on his YouTube account that I thought might help with any questions you guys had about the video.

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