Ol’ Mexico

This is a cat we trapped and killed! 
126 lbs  –  6’11” long

The owner killed this hog one night after we had caught him on camera several nights before:
452 lbs

Javelina (several of these were taken down):

I wish I could say I shot this one but this is a deer the ranch owner had just purchased to breed (tranquilized):
27 1/4″ spread – 4 years old – 30″ main beam
Shane Funk of Bridgeport, Texas

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  • Anonymous

    I bet that breeding buck didn’t come cheap!

  • Anonymous

    What a great blog. What is your relationship to Shane funk?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16471923526048035266 William Howard

    Shane is a very good friend… I went to High School with him!

  • Anonymous

    My first teaching job was at bport. I guess a couple years after Yall graduated.
    I don’t know you but have met Shane a couple of times. Great guy. Glad I found this blog. I’ll try to send pics as I kill things that are “blog-worthy”.