Parker County 6 Bearded Turkey

One amazing story to go along with this big gobbler! 6 Bearded Turkey 1

Bo Finley, the man who won the 2013 Wise County Turkey Contest, is also a man of awesome character. I couldn’t have been more happy for him to win last years contest because I got to know him a little more and learn that hunting was a big part of his life, but not just for him…

Bo Started a not for profit organization called All Things Outdoors. He takes ill or handicap kids and adults on hunts of a lifetime in North Texas. Instead of him killing that big buck or monster gobbler, he gives the opportunity to those that may never have the chance again.6 Bearded Turkey spurs

Now for the 6 bearded thunder chicken… Bo took a young man named Josh Sanns from Minneslota, who has had multiple heart surgeries and was without a father on his first turkey hunt. And for it being his first turkey, he made one heck of a shot at an unbelievable Tom. They didn’t realize it had 6 beards till he started feeling around the feathers. The bird was 3 or 4 years old and should have some more length to the beards, but it looks like the growth was in a new beard. They had the NWTF come do the measuring and officially scored him at 72 12/16 with each spur 1 1/8″.

6 Bearded Turkey 2

5 smaller beards

6 Bearded Turkey Beast

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