Patriotic Post of the Day… and some links!

Kendall Jones

This is Kendall Jones! Make sure to go to her Support Page,

  • If you don’t have a real gun when a robber breaks in, use a fake one! That is what this Pennsylvania resident did, and it seemed to work quite well!

  • With Deer Season creeping up on us, tips never hurt.  Here is an article to help you in deciding where to place your deer stand.

  • 10 Patriotic Outdoor Products for your liking…

  • YouTube video of people being saved by guns! INTENSE! I started sweating!

  • TPWD has the proposed dove/duck/migratory game bird seasons up for public comment. Looks good to me, just wish the seasons would get here a little quicker!

  • As I sit here searching for some Texas Hunting News, all that comes up is the Texas Tech Cheerleader that had an awesome time in Africa on a hunting safari and how she is being bullied. Liberals are such pansies… We stand behind cheerleaders, especially ones that hunt and fish!

  • If she this would have been in the headlines a couple of weeks ago I would have asked her to make an appearance that the NTX Wild Hog Round Up & Hunting Expo.

  • Best DIY Bow Hunting Destinations of 2014! I would do all 10 if I could…

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