SICKENING Bloomberg Gun Control Ad!

This is probably one of the most horrible commercials I have ever seen! And the fact that he brought kids into it, makes it even worse!  Do accidents happen? Of course they do, but not just with guns… It is important to teach our children gun safety just like you would not to run with a knife, especially if you have a gun in the house.  The commercial doesn’t make me want to throw guns away, but it makes me want to take my kids out shooting and show them gun safety and maybe get them in some shooting classes.  Michael Bloomberg could spend $50 million in a better way, like providing gun safety classes for the children of his home state, rather than post a controversial video.  I hesitated to post this video, but did in hopes of you sharing your thoughts…

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  • David

    I am confused by the people behind movements like this, they are for killing babies at any level of development, some are even flirting with the idea of euthanasia, they are not for saving lives. So why do they care about guns? It isn’t safety I assure you. Disarm the population and they will have less resistance.