Shots of the Week (3 weeks late) 11/22/17

Here are some of the latest Shots of the Week we have gathered for your viewing pleasure… All harvested this year!

Shots of the Week – 11/28/16

Please send your pics to

Shots Of The Week 10/19/16

Shots of the week are running slow this year. I just talked to my taxidermist and he said he hasn’t been getting many whitetail in yet this year… make sure to send your pics to

Shots of The Week – New Years Eve 2014

Guys, I’ve been a little burned out and a little busy… I’m going to try and pick this back up from where I left off!

Shots of the Week 11/21/14

Some big boys went down…

Shots of the Week 10/31/14

Before opening day of rifle season tomorrow, I thought I better post all of the other Shots of the Week that I have had stored up…