Things On My Mind!

The camera says half moon, the coon says full moon!
  • Did anyone else wake up, go outside, and think to themselves “Ahhh, deer hunting weather”?
  • My buddy at Rut Country Taxidermy just did a little upgrade to his website… not bad!
  •  I like Cameron Hanes motto of “Train Hard, Hunt Easy!” But at the same time, I’m just walking to a bow stand and climbing a tree, I’m not in the mountains walking 12 miles a day trying to kill an elk… I know it would still be hard to get in the stand with a big belly, so at the same time I guess he’s right!
  • I went up to my grandfathers deer lease the other day and I have never seen someone get so tickled at shooting turtles! He giggles when he gets one!
  • While we were there I called up a pretty good size coyote, but he never came in fully and also ran into a bull snake in a tree (pic below)!
  • Texas remains on a decline of hunting accidents for 2012… less than 3 per 100,000 hunters.
  • Hog Doggin’ was a blast this past Sunday! The guys I went with are going again today, but I can’t make it… bummer!  I’m very fortunate to not have poison ivy after the whole “running through the woods after hogs” fiasco started!
  • My dog mount for the GoPro still hasn’t made it here yet… I also have a shotgun mount and a chest harness coming that should make for more interesting video!
  • Come on rain… I need my tanks filled in time for duck season!
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