Things On My Mind!

  • I don’t think anyone can understand how excited I am that Whataburger Ketchup will be available at the grocery store… only 1 problem, they are only selling it at HEB grocery stores!
  • Did anyone make it to the World Predator & Wild Hog Expo?  Glen Guess, of Wise County, was a guest speaker at he convention for an hour.  Right after he spoke, Brian “Pig Man” Quaca delivered his message.  
  • The Expo also raised over $10,000 for The Red Cross to help West, Texas.
  • Not getting many Turkey in to score… and the season ends on May 12! I haven’t even killed one yet, which is not like me to be skunked, especially this far into the season.
  • It’s pretty sad when your web designer doesn’t e-mail you back after you send him 3 e-mails… very frustrating!  
  • You can not find a dog camera mount anywhere on the internet… I’ve looked almost every day and they are sold out everywhere!  I ordered one a while back for my GoPro, but am thinking about cancelling since it won’t be here for Sunday, the day we need it for Hog Doggin’!
  • I’m fascinated with this homemade mosquito trap… I’m going to give it a try this next week!
  • I will kill a turkey this weekend!
  • They say the alligators never get into Eagle Mountain Lake, in North Texas, and stay just on the other side of the dam, the Lake Worth side… but I have a feeling it won’t be long till one makes it’s way to the other side and we get to watch the people panic!
  • That’s it, I’m done… now go hunting and get off the computer!
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  • Anonymous

    I went to the Expo, and Glen had an EXCELLENT presentation. He is a true “hog hunter”. I thought I was a little bit of a hunter until I listened to him. I found out I’m a “hog sit and wait ’til they come by” er. I got lots on ideas from him on how to step up my hog hunting, their vocalizations, and behavior. I also picked up info on crow hunting. I posted a link above.