Things On My Mind!

This is a friends wife, Alicia with 2 nice Gobblers with
 9 inch beards!  Harvested yesterday and she just so happens
 to be in her 3rd trimester with little Ty Craig in the belly! Congrats!
  • I’m tired of waiting on the new website to get started/finished, so I decided to make a new banner the other night… my website partner approved!
  • State Game Wardens seized over $4 Million in Marijuana along the Texas-Mexico border last week. That is a lot of weed!
  • And we have a new firearms business moving into North Texas… awesome!
  • Some people are just crazy, stupid, ignorant, or just have inbred genetics. Some of these people don’t ever need to have children… the others, were just unlucky!
  • I am just itching to kill a gobbler… and one big one always seems to be hanging out right off the county road that a buddy of mine always drives! Tempting, very tempting… but not worth it.  I have to call them in before I will ever pull the trigger… it’s all part of the game!
  • My buddy over at Dark Timber Kennels is going to train my dog this fall to hunt deer sheds… I’m pretty excited and think there are a lot more people getting into that these days!  
  • I received all of my turkey calls from Tradition Outdoors today… am I just weird or does a newly opened wooden call smell glorious?
  • Happy hunting and stay dry today!
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