Things On My Mind!

  • So far 22 teams have signed up for the Turkey Contest we are hosting.  That puts the pot for first place over $400 not including the fan and beard mount. Only 3.5 more days to sign up!
  • For those of you down in Waco, the World Predator and Wild Hog Expo is April 19-21 at the Waco Convention Center.  I wish that was a little closer to North Texas.
  • From what I hear, the crappie are biting, and biting very well!
  • Gobbler season has already started in the South Zones of Texas! This Saturday, us here in the North Zone will have at it!
  • Since it is the beginning of Spring Turkey Season, here are a couple of simple recipes.
  • If I would have had a slingshot, like the one in the picture, when I was in my youth… there would have been trouble everywhere! I may even get one for my boy and let him have at it, they are very expensive.  Passing cars better lookout!
  • I thought this was a pretty genius idea! Mojo came up with a magnetic stick, the “Pick Stick”, for picking up all of your empty shotgun shells.  I’m not sure how well it works, but I may give it a try before my back gives out from bending over to pick them all up next dove season!
  • Good luck to all the Turkey hunters here in North Texas this weekend and hopefully I’ll be scoring a couple of bird for the contest.  I will make sure and take pictures of the birds as well!
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