Things On My Mind!

  • What happened? I blacked out!!!
  • What a quick Independence Day Weekend/Week, and I don’t think I like celebrating that holiday as much as I used to… getting older I guess!
  • I had an awesome looking rattler given to me over the weekend I’m going to have mounted, it isn’t the biggest snake, but it is very nice!  On another note, I run outdoors all the time, but have yet to see a snake in the road… I really want to see a snake in the road for some reason!
  • I got my bow stand in this last week and can not wait to hang this thing up!  I highly recommend this brand of tree stand! Grey Ghost
  • The Ducks Unlimited Banquet of Wise County, Texas will be August 3rd and be held at the Decatur Civic Center.  It should be a great time and only $35 to enter which includes all you can eat and drink.  There will also be a big raffle, silent auction, and live auction!
  • And I have to give a shout out to Chase Coffman of Chico, Texas, who always puts the time and effort into making this banquet happen.  It isn’t an easy job and he does deserve a pat on the back for keeping this event up and running!
  • I have yet to kill anything with my bow… but that will change soon!
  • If this happened outside of the city limits, between  the first weekend in November and last weekend in January on my place… that would be there death bed! 
  • Have a good week…it is still slow posting with not much hunting taking place during this warm weather.
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