2016 Turkey Contest – FINAL RESULTS!

1st Place   2nd Place 3rd   MULTIPLE BEARDED POT

2016 Turkey Contest Rank Change

1st Corbin Green – Beard 11 12/16 – Spur 15/16  Spur 15/16 TOTAL 13 2nd 3rd

2016 Turkey Contest – Ranks

1st 2nd 3rd   HONORABLE MENTIONS  

2016 Turkey Contest Underway

And we have one bird already measured and leading the way! Sometimes, you just wish you would have done the side pot!     TEAM NAMES We didn’t have as many teams sign up this year, about half from last year. Next year we will make sure to get the word out a little...

Wise County Turkey Contest 2016

Below is all the information you need to know and also the link to sign up. Friday is the last day to sign up…chop chop: http://thehuntinggame.com/contest/turkey-contest/ 4th Annual Wise County Turkey Contest IMPORTANT DATES April 2, 2016 By 11:59 PM you must be signed in...

Wise County Turkey Contest Ranks

As of Monday, May 4th, 2015, Here are the Ranks: 1st Randy Wilson, Bridgeport, Texas – 36 Total Inches 2nd Ryan Adams & Keith Pridgen – 24.125 inches Total 3rd Corbin Green and Brian Stephens 10 inch Beard 5.25 inch Beard 7/8 Spur 7/8 Spur Total – 17 inches...

2015 Wise County Turkey Contest Ranks

As of Wednesday, April 8th, 2015, Here are the Ranks: 1st     2nd 3rd   Honorable Mentions:      

2015 Wise County Turkey Contest – 6 Bearded Turkey

We have 19 teams entered into the 2015 Wise County Turkey Contest and so far only one team has brought a turkey in to measure… and it may be our winner! Randy Wilson from Bridgeport, Texas brought this turkey in with 6 beards on Easter Sunday. Cold and wet I was shocked to...