Uncle Bill’s Corner – Paybacks Are Hell!

Written by Bill Joiner

Written by Bill Joiner

We  hunting mule deer in Colorado. One morning I discovered one of my fellow hunters asleep, lying across a game trail. Because it was a game trail, I was able to creep up to him without making a sound. I got to about six inches from his ear and growled loudly. He was a big boy but I’m pretty sure he actually levitated from the ground. He had some choice words for me that weren’t fit for mixed company.

They say paybacks are hell. That turned out to be true.

Late one day as I was hustling back to camp as the sun was going down, I heard a gun cock. I dove flat on the ground and yelled, “HEY, I’M NOT A DEER, YOU FREAKIN IDIOT!” I heard laughter from the former sleeper.


Bill Joiner is the author of American Entrepreneur.  His stories are worth a read!

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