Uncle Ted vs. Mike Dickinson

I can understand someone’s wish to annihilate all of ISIS due to the killing and murders they are doing, but to wish it on the American people is beyond me.

A left wing democrat who is running for congress out of Virginia has basically wished for all of the NRA and its members to die, or “…pray to god for the Ebola death of the @NRA” on his twitter account. He is the same candidate that offered 100K for nude pictures of Kendall Jones (the Texas Tech cheerleader/hunter) who received national attention due to her awesome hunting skills.

Mike Tweet

I am writing in hopes that everyone who sees this will at least comment to ol’ Uncle Ted Nugent on his Facebook page and see if he will at least try to put this guy in his place. I’m sure this Dickinson is just wanting attention, so asking Uncle Ted to handle the situation is a far better solution. The POTUS will probably be patting this Dickinson guy on the back soon…

Let’s see it Uncle Ted… You are the only one who can!

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